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Bellow is some frequently questions for passengers before your train:

How Can I book train ticket online?

You can book train tickets online very easily with credit card. You access to our websites and process some steps as bellow:
1./ Select your trip type: One-way or round trip. Indicate the departure and destination cities, travel dates and number of people: infants and adults. Click on the “Find Trains” button
2./ Select your train(s) by clicking on the radio button (white circle) next to your preferred fare(s). Then hit the "Next" button.
3./ Flight Details: Check again all details for your train and you fill your information as Name , email, phone number. The important is Name and your email. Click to Purchase
4./ Pay your train tickets via credit card (Visa/Master)
5./ Finally: After you book tickets successfully, Please check your email about 1 – 6 hours later to get your confirmation email from us.

If you have problems with our online booking system, please email or contact us .

How can I pay for my tickets?

You can pay train tickets online via our website through major credit cards such as Visa, Master and JCB card. For cash, you can pay at our office or to our ticket delivery person, but this method is only applied for customers who are buying tickets within borders of Vietnam.
When you make a reservation via our website, If the payment was error, please contact to us as soon as possible. Our staffs will support and guide you finish booking easily!

When do I need to pay for my trains

Some train carriers allow us to hold bookings for a limited period of time before paying for the ticket and issuing it. But, to guarantee for the seats, passengers need to pay for full in advance. Upon receiving your payment, we will confirm and send you the train ticket directly to your hotel in Vietnam.

What does the listed price include?

The price listed on our website is the total fare price which is inclusive of tax & passenger service fee. This final prices will be shown at the confirmation page before you make the payment. Price is mostly calculated in US Dollar, except where noted otherwise. Also, our price includes baggage allowance.

What happen if I make booking and then do not confirm or pay?

After your booking of the flights is made, it can be held for a limited time due to availability of the seat as well as policy of the train. After that time, if we still do not hear back from you, we will automatically cancel your reservation. If you booked the trains but choose to pay later on, we will inform the deadline of payment to you via email, and if you do not make payment before and at this deadline, your booking is also cancelled.

How should I do if you would like to refund or change the schedule?

If you would like to change the schedule, information,… please feel free contact us. The ticket will be changed depend on your ticket’ condition.
For refund ticket when book on our websites. Please contact us or sent the request via email You must use the email which used in the process reservation for sending refund. If not, your refund will be unaccepted.

How far in advance should I reserve my train ticket online?

There is no time limit to book a train ticket through our website. Normally, upon receive your request; we will check if the ticket (s) is available then provide you all necessary information. Anyway, to ensure your plan is well managed, please book your ticket at least 01 week in advance for normal seasons. For peak season such as Lunar New Year (end of January till mid of February), International Labor Day (30th April – 2nd May), Independence Day (25th August – 2nd September), please book your ticket as soon as possible.

How do I receive my train ticket after payment if currently I am not in Vietnam?

We offer our dear customer the free ticket delivery service within Vietnam territory. So please provide us your hotel address and the name of the person in charge (if any) at least 02 days for ticket delivery to Ho Chi Minh city & Hanoi or 05 days for ticket delivery to other provinces in Vietnam. We will deliver the ticket to you on time to ensure that your schedule is well going.

What should I do if I miss the train?

we have responsibility to deliver the ticket to you on time before your departure date and time as our commitment. Therefore, if you miss your train due to traffic jam, weather or other causes, no refund is allowed. In this case, please contact us for further help if possible.

Can I collect my ticket at the train stations or any other collection points?

Yes you can if you’re going to collect your ticket in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi because rather than delivery the tickets to hotels, we also offer passengers 02 more choices to collect their tickets as below details: - At Hanoi Train Station (located in Le Duan Street) for passengers depart from Hanoi and Saigon Train Station (Nguyen Thong Street) for passengers depart from Ho Chi Minh City. - At our collection points (details will be provided to you after your payment). Please contact us via email for further information.

Is there any train station at Noi Bai International airport? Or are there any other budget ways to get to Hanoi Train Station?

There is no train station at Noi Bai International aiport currently. To save cost, please take a minibus from Noi Bai International airport to Vietnam Airlines Office - No. 1 Quang Trung Street, central Hanoi then from there; take a taxi to get to Hanoi Train station. Please choose a trusted brand taxi such as Mai Linh, Thu Do taxi, Hanoi Tourist taxi, ABC taxi, Noi Bai taxi, Ha Noi taxi…to avoid triple or high charge. Other than taxi, passenger can order a “xe om’ with VND30,000 – VND50,000 fee (depend on where you start and how you negotiate) to the train station.

I see there are many types of train tickets to Sapa, what are the differences between them to the standard ones of Vietnam Railways?

Currently there are many train agencies operating their own carriage on the Hanoi – Sapa route such as King Express, Orient Express, Livitrans Express, Fanxipan Express…Each of them has their own good points and therefore price is the difference with the standard ones of Vietnam Railways. Traveling on these special cabins is more comfortable since they’re well equipped with wooden panel, nice furniture, and better services. Additionally, more types of tickets give you more choices to go.

After payment, how do I receive my ticket?

Once your payment is received, we will send you a Booking confirmation for your references and ask for your hotel address in Vietnam to deliver the ticket to.
In case that you are not going to stay in any hotel, we will arrange to deliver the ticket to any places most convenient for you to collect. If the place is too far from the city centers, you will be charged for an extra fee.

Is there any open ticket I can travel anywhere in Vietnam?

No, it’s impossible because Vietnam Railways do not offer this type of ticket yet. You have to purchase each ticket for each place you are going.

Can I bring motorbike, bicycle and Pets on trains together?

You’re not allowed to bring motorbike, bicycle and Pets on board. However, they can be carried as checked baggage. For more details, please contact us via email

How do i make the payment online for the train ticket? What is the currency i will pay?

You can process your payment with major credit cards such as Visa Card, JCB, or pay with Paypal.
All prices are quoted in USD (United States Dollars) and will be paid in VND (Vietnam Dong) according to the exchange rate (USD1.00 = VND21,560).

What are your cancellation/refund rules?

Please check out the details below:

1. 30% cost of ticket will be charged in case of cancellation or amendment after the Booking Confirmation issued.
2. 50% cost of ticket will be charged in case of cancellation or amendment made 4 days before the departure date or tickets issued for traveling during the high season (Traditional Tet Festiaval, 30-4, 01/05, 30-8 to 02-09).
3. 100% cost of ticket will be charged in case of cancellation or amendment made within 3 days before the departure date.
we reserve the rights to cancel your booking with a prior notice and a full refund will be made to you if any error due from us.

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